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Management Programme “Towards a Professorship”

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Developed as part of the Excellence Initiative in 2009, the management programme “Towards a Professorship” prepares researchers to take on responsibilities in leadership and management at university, it provides support for their personal career planning and it helps them to develop an interdisciplinary network.

Postdocs (at least two years after earning their doctorate), habilitation candidates, junior research group leaders and junior professors with and without tenure track are eligible to take part in the programme. The management programme is made up of three modules, each of which takes place over two to three days. The language of the programme is German; therefore, participants need a good level of German (level C1-C2). For the most part, the seminars are scheduled during the semester breaks and are held at a conference center near Heidelberg or directly in Heidelberg.

There is also a Fireside Chat with a Professor at Heidelberg University during the first module. The Fireside Chat gives participants the chance to ask questions about career planning and the requirements and demands of a professorship in an informal setting.

Participants are expected to participate in all three modules and will receive a certificate of participation after completing the programme.

Participants can also take advantage of the supplementary services “individual coaching” and “peer coaching”.

Participants are selected by the University, upon the suggestion of the faculties.


The three seminar modules are set up as follows:

MODULE 1 - Negotiation and Understanding Conflict

This practice-based seminar deals with how to successfully conduct (difficult) discussions in a constructive and professional manner. Participants will learn various methods of negotiation. Models of conflict resolution will be introduced and the participants will reflect on their own approaches to discussions and conflicts

Date: Thursday, 24 February 2022, to Saturday, 26 February 2022


Leadership Skills and Basics of Employment Law

Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of relevant management topics. They will reflect on their own leadership role and be introduced to various styles of management. Leadership tasks and methods will be discussed and practiced. Furthermore there is given an overview over the basics of employment law.

Date: Wednesday, 18 May 2022, to Friday, 20 May 2022

MODULE 3 - Appointment Procedure for a Professorship

This seminar deals with the formal appointment procedures for a professorship as well as the preparation of the application documents. Participants will practice the interview with the appointment committee and will be introduced to various strategies for negotiations after an appointment has been received.

Date: Thursday, 4 August 2022, to Friday, 5 August 2022

Fireside Chat

During the first module, there is a Fireside Chat with a professor from Heidelberg University. These evening event is informal and gives the participants the opportunity to discuss academic issues, career planning and professorships with the professors and other participants.

Extra service:

Individual coaching

If needed or desired, participants can work individually on specific work-related issues with a professional coach.

Extra service:

Peer coaching

Participants will receive support in establishing a peer coaching group. The methods of peer coaching facilitate reflection within the group on concrete, academic problems and situations and the development of solutions.


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