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Continuing Education Offerings
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Career and Advanced Training


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Ruperto Carola offers its employees a wealth of opportunities for career development within the university and supports academics and scientists pursue advanced career qualifications.

Support Programmes for Researchers, Lecturers and Non-Teaching Staff

Dual Career Service

Personnel Development for Postdocs

Senate recommendations on support for young researchers (PDF)

Tenure Track Professorship

Internal Job Market (Ger)


Continuing Education


Heidelberg University has a wide range of employee continuing education programmes custom-designed to the different needs of a number of target groups.

Continuing Education by Target Group (Ger)

Continuing Education by Topic (Ger)

Staff Mobility for Training

Internal Education Programme (Ger)


New Employees

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Heidelberg University offers informational events and materials to help new employees adjust to their new work environment. Supervisors are provided with guidelines for training new staff members.

Orientation Information for New Employees and Supervisors (Ger)

Welcome Centre


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