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Heidelberg Startup Partners

The Heidelberg Startup Partners promote the foundation of knowledge-based and technology-oriented companies from the participating institutions.

Heidelberg Startup Partners' Homepage (Ger)


Business Start-ups

Bibliothek Bergheim Treppe 250x125Start-up Management of Heidelberg University supports students, alumni and employees in establishing new enterprises. Support during the planning phase is given, in particular, to those start-ups founded in good, solid ideas or the commercialisation of research results. 


Start-up Management services include:

  • Events for students, doctoral candidates and employees
  • Public events
  • Advisory services on funding programmes, room planning, financing, business plans and much more
  • Guidance on and implementation of competitions


Start-up examples

Airyx (2017)
Airyx develops, sells and rents customised, high-precision measurement equipment for gases. Optical metrology is based on DOAS technology or a further development of it. At present it concentrates on nitrogen oxide (NO2/NO/NOx) gas concentrations, but also covers formaldehyde, ozone and sulphur dioxide. For over 3 years, there has been great interest in NOx-ICAD, a nitrogen oxide measuring instrument originally developed at the Institute for Environmental Physics, for which a patent application has been filed. The novel, transportable in-situ measurement equipment can be used for mobile measuring of nitrogen oxide pollutants, which is unprecedented to date. A further application is emissions measurement from vehicles, which works by determining the real emission values from simple measurements in the exhaust fumes. In addition, we offer ‘immission’ (environmental impact) and emission measurements that have so far not been possible with existing measurement technology; this is an offering for various institutions and industrial clients..   [More...]


HD Vision Systems GmbH (2017)
HD Vision Systems develops sensor technology and software for optical measurement and the 3D reconstruction of object geometry and surface properties. HD Vision Systems measures surface gloss more accurately than current procedures. Through flexible light field imaging this technology allows for quite new applications, with great versatility of products. Whether it is about in-line or at-line checking, photo-realistic modeling, or robot vision, the systems are based on modular software and thus enable a rapid development of new applications.   [More...]


Heidelberg Delivery Technologies GmbH (2017)
Heidelberg Delivery Technologies GmbH is developing a technology platform for the oral administration of peptides and proteins. Peptide or protein-based medications are required in order to treat many chronic diseases. A special problem is, however, that peptides and proteins cannot be administered orally as they degrade rapidly in the gastrointestinal tract and/or are not absorbed. They normally have to be injected. Thanks to our technology, it will be possible to go without the use of injections.

[Other start ups...]


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