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Training sessions on research funding and third-party funding management are held regularly.

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The Electronic Research Funding Information Service keeps you up to date on current proposals, international, European, and national research funding programmes, and relevant research topics. [More...]

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The Research Division offers comprehensive, end-to-end services for third-party funded projects at all levels, providing researchers with assistance they can count on at every single stage of the project. Support and advisory services are also provided after the actual completion of the project.

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ELFI - Electronic Research Funding Information System

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Funding of Creative Ideas

Alteuni 100x100Ruperto Carola offers framework conditions for pursuing high-risk research projects that receive little or no funding from established institutions. Through the FRONTIER Innovation Fund, the university has an avenue for advancing such projects until funding can be obtained. The FRONTIER Innovation Fund supports small to medium-size projects of outstanding scientific quality and high innovative potential. In addition to outstanding research projects within a specific discipline, support is also provided to interdisciplinary associations and collaborations with non-university research institutions.

FRONTIER Innovation Fund


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