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Friday 14th June 2019

06:15 PM

Stress and the individual – How does anxiety contribute to stress vulnerability

Frau Prof. Dr. Carmen Sandi, École Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Schweiz), Brain Mind Institute

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Field of Focus 4: Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Organisations


People can regulate their thoughts and feelings to enable them to adapt flexibly to changing environmental conditions. Besides self-regulation processes within and among individuals, such processes are of interest within and among communities. These may be families, orga­ni­sa­tions, companies, political parties or nation states.

The central concern of Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) is to better understand human (self-)regulation processes at the level of individuals and organisations in interdisciplinary dialogue. The main participants in this study are from the subject areas represented by the Faculty for Behavioural and Cultural Studies, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and the Law Faculty.

When it comes to understanding how individuals regulate themselves, the following kinds of questions arise:

  • What exactly is the capacity of self-regulation and how does it develop over a person’s lifespan?
  • Are there inter-individual and cultural differences?
  • What cognitive processes underlie self-regulation processes?
  • What internal and external influences impacting on the faculty of self-regulation should we distinguish?
  • How does the capacity of self-regulation relate to decision-making and problem-solution processes?
  • Where exactly is self-regulation important for a successful educational and professional career and for a healthy life?
  • What effects do disturbances of self-regulation processes have?

Such topics are of special interest for disciplines such as Psychology, Anthropology, Education or Sport, all to be found in the Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies. In addition, they form a bridge to the Life Sciences (in particular Medicine).

When it comes to regulation in larger social units, we would like to discover, for example,

  • How do social groups (e.g. families, organisations, companies or political institutions) regulate their interaction so that feelings, needs, reflections, claims and values of members are adequately considered?
  • What happens if conflicts arise between members of a group or between groups?
  • How are decisions made in complex social systems?
  • How do such groups settle questions relating to the availability and distribution of resources?

Such topics are taken up, for example, by disciplines like Economics, Sociology or Political Science, all to be found in the Faculty for Economics and Social Sciences. But different sub-disciplines of Law are likewise relevant when it comes to studying the regulation of interpersonal relations in the form of legislative processes and the application of laws.

It seems intuitively plausible that the (self-)regulation of individuals and organisations are closely connected. Large social units consist of individuals. Often individuals take a decision that may have implications for many others (e.g. teachers, bankers, captains of industry, politicians or judges). At the same time, the rules decided for large communities have implications for the welfare and self-regulation of individuals.

In our present times of rapid change it is becoming more and more important to understand how processes of (self-)regulation mutually influence one another. This can only succeed by taking account of perspectives from different subject areas. Field of Focus 4 would like to heighten this interdisciplinary focus.








Mini RVL 2018

EVENT | WINTER 2018/19

"Familie und gesellschaftliche Umbrüche"

Our fivth Public Lecture will start October 18, 2018. Further information here...

Rummel Jan 460x280


Heisenberg Professorship for Jan Rummel

Further information...

Mini RVL 2017-18

EVENT | WINTER 2017/18

"Mental Health - Stark in der Krise"

Further information concerning the fourth Public Lecture during winter term 2017/18...

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Hengstberger Preis 2017 for PD Dr. Jan Rummel

PD Dr. Jan Rummel, Junior Research Group Leader at FoF4, gains one of the Hengstberger Preise 2017 with regard to the organization of the international symposium "Gedächtnis für Intentionen" (July 2-3, 2018, IWH Heidelberg).

Cover Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation


Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation:
"Self-Regulation and Regulation"

Volume 3 of our Journals with conceptional contributions concerning the question of (self-)regulation out of different disciplines and perspectives ...

Publikation 2017-3


"Zivilgesellschaft und elektoraler Autoritarismus in Südostasien"

New publication presenting the research results by Stefan Giersdorf out of the FoF4-funded project "Selbst-Regulation im Kontext elektoral-autoritärer Herrschaft".
Further information...

Mini Workshop 2017-09


Workshop "Tracking International Aid and Investment from Developing and Emerging Economies"

This autumn Field of Focus 4 will fund a workshop concerning the topic "Tracking International Aid and Investment from Developing and Emerging Economies".

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EVENT | MAY 2017

Workshop "Governing India"

Field of Focus 4 funds a workshop concerning the topic "Governing India".

Publikation 2017-2


"Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity in Europe"

New book at Springer publishing house, with contributions by Wolf J. Schünemann, Verena Weiland and Stefan Steiger.
Further information...

IWH Logo News


Workshop "Health Economics and Health Policy"

Field of Focus 4 funds a workshop concenring the topic "Health Economics and Health Policy".

Publikation 2017-1


"Das grün-rote Experiment in Baden-Württemberg"

New book at Springer publishing house, with contributions by Felix Hörisch, Stefan Wurster and Jale Tosun.
Further information...

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Broadcast lecture "Innere Stärke - Wie funktioniert Selbstregulation?"

Rehear the broadcast lecture by Sabina Pauen at SWR2...

Mini RVL 2016-17

EVENT | WINTER 2016/17

"The End of Globalization?Understanding Challenges to International Cooperation"

Further information concerning the third Public Lecture during winter term 2016/17...

Cover Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation


Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation: "New Approaches to the Study of Early Self-regulation Development"

Volume 2 of our Journal with insights in current research projects funded by Field of Focus 4 ...

Mini RVL 2015-16

EVENT | WINTER 2015/16

"Tauschen, Teilen, Tricksen. Andere Formen des Wirtschaftens"

Further information concerning the second Public Lecture during winter term 2015/16...

Cover Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation


Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation: "Wer regiert das Internet? Regulierungsstrukturen und -prozesse im virtuellen Raum"

Volume 1 of our Journal which recapitulates the first Public Lecture...

Mini RVL 2014-15

EVENT | WINTER 2014/15

"Wer regiert das Internet?"

Further information concerning the first Public Lecture during winter term 2014/15...


FoF4 Logo News


Workshop "South-South Develeopment Cooperation: Chances and Challenges for the International Aid Architecture"

Field of Focus 4 funds a workshop concerning the topic: "South-South Develeopment Cooperation: Chances and Challenges for the International Aid Architecture".


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