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Jan Korbel (EMBL) and Stefan Pfister (Heidelberg University Hospital) did receive the 2018 HMLS Award.

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HMLS Investigator Award

Jan Korbel (EMBL) and Stefan Pfister (Heidelberg University Hospital) received the 2018 HMLS Award.



The annual Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences (HMLS) Investigator Award is awarded to an outstanding scientist who is actively engaged in Life Science research in Heidelberg. The award recognizes excellence in two allied areas: research and strategic development in the Life Sciences in Heidelberg. Nominees are eligible for this program if they succeeded in initiating innovative actions for fostering scientific career development of undergraduates, graduates, PhDs, and Postdocs.

Potential candidates may be proposed by members of the Molecular Life Sciences institutions (Faculty of Biosciences Heidelberg, Faculties of Medicine Heidelberg and Mannheim, DKFZ, EMBL, MPI-mF). Application of the award on one's own behalf is not admissible. The recipient will be selected by the HMLS Research Council.

If you should have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the HMLS Project Management Office at + 49 (0) 6221-54 51201 or

The award is designed to support recipients in the improvement of research conditions, to reduce adminstrative burdens and to facilitate fostering of talented young researchers in the research area of the recipient. Laureates are elected by the HMLS Research Council and external advisors. Recipients of the prize will be internationally visible members of Heidelberg life science institutions with an intensive record of interaction with the University. Their visibility is an honor for our research site.


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  • 2018 - Dr. Jan Korbel & Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Pfister                                   Press release




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