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The Donor

»Top-quality research is costly, scientists and scholars invest time and know-how, the community profits from it. I want to support this process of give and take to the tune of a quarter of a million euros.

We can draw a parallel to the way things work in private enterprise. Someone has a good idea and the courage to branch out on his own. Give him financial support and he’ll know exactly what to do with it. I imagine things are much the same for a scholar or scientist. He may be, say, a quarter of the way to completing a research project. If he gets the Prize, it will be a very welcome influx of funds. Or someone may hit on some exciting findings during his routine research work and need extra money to follow the matter up.«

About Manfred Lautenschläger

Manfred LautenschlägerDonor Manfred Lautenschläger, born in Karlsruhe in 1938, is chairman of the supervisory board of MLP-AG, Heidelberg. His special affinities with this city and its University date back to his student days, part of which he spent in Heidelberg. In 1998 he was made an Honorary Senator of Heidelberg University.

His aim in donating this award is to encourage research and help provide the financial resources it requires.

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