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International Profile

Students International

Heidelberg University is part of a global network of research and teaching partnerships. Inter­national cooperation is also cultivated between faculties and institutes, and between individual scientist.

Studying in Heidelberg

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Its wide range of study programmes makes Heidelberg University an attractive choice for students from all over the world: roughly one-fifth of the university’s students and one-third of doctoral candidates are foreign nationals.

Studying Abroad

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Heidelberg University maintains a large number of partnerships and exchange programmes with international universities and supports its students in the planning and implementation of stays abroad.

Researching and Working in Heidelberg

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The University helps international scholars with the planing of a research period in Heidelberg. Researchers also can get assistance with visits to authorities and apartment search.

Teaching and Researching Abroad


The university offers scientists and employees a wide range of opportunities for a teaching or research stay or for further training at numerous universities in Europe or worldwide.

Centres Abroad

Liaison Office USA

Foreign branch offices increase Heidelberg University’s international visibility. Located in specific core regions, these centres create greater awareness of the university around the world.


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