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Research Councils

Each Field of Focus is coordinated by a Research Council, whose task within the specific field is to

  • stimulate, guide and support scientific discourse;
  • ensure networking within the university and cooperation with non-university partners;
  • administer its own budget, usually limited to the start-up funding of any project;
  • coordinate and evaluate the individual funding instruments, with external expertise if necessary.

A Research Council consists of up to twelve members, up to six of whom come from the faculties involved, including representatives of the Clusters of Excellence and graduate schools as well as one junior researcher. A dean of studies also ensures research is translated into research-oriented teaching. A Research Council also includes up to six members from non-university partner institutions or other universities closely linked to the specific Field of Focus. Each council works closely with the faculties, but will not assume their tasks of academic self-administration.


RC 1: Molecular and cellular basis of life

RC 2: Structure and pattern formation in the material world

RC 3: Cultural dynamics in globalised worlds

RC 4: Self-regulation and regulation: individuals and organisations

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