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Communications and Marketing:

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Communications and Marketing

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The Communications and Marketing department focuses on the internal and external communications of Heidelberg University. This department of the rectorate publishes information on the university’s achievements in research, teaching, academic study and knowledge transfer, and organises interaction with the media and the general public, thus solidifying Ruperto Carola’s position and reputation as a top university with a first-rate performance. Its mission is to boost the visibility and drawing power of Heidelberg University internationally to attract the best and the brightest over the long term.

The department ’s primary aims is to convey to the university at large and to the public the strategic goals and mission of the university as well as the concerns of its leaders. All actors within the university as well as external partners are integrated into the respective central communication structures and processes. The establishment of a consistent image for the university also reinforces its identification from within and without.



Tasks and Priorities at a Glance:

  • Press and media work
  • Advisory services for university members in handling the media and the public
  • Support for and publication of target-group-specific publications
  • Establishment and advancement of a consistent image
  • Graphics services for producing print products
  • Maintenance of the university’s main web presence
  • Social media sites
  • Internal communications and services
  • Organisation of rectorate events and awards ceremonies
  • Marketing


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