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University Administration

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University administration conducts the business of the university as directed by the president's office. It is divided into eight divisions and two staff units. The Vice-President Finance and Personnel, who is also a member of the president's office, is the director of the university administration. University administration is tasked with providing services to scientists, scholars and students as well as optimising overall conditions for research, teaching and successful study.


Vice-President Finance and Personnel

Dr. Holger Schroeter


Law and Committees Division

Division of Student Affairs and Teaching

Division of Planning, Construction and Safety

Finance Division

Human Resources Division

Research Division

International Relations Division

Division for Foundations and Assets

Staff Units

Internal Auditing

Organisation Development (Ger)


All university administration employees (Ger)

University administration organisation chart (PDF)

Governance structures and committees at Heidelberg University (PDF) (Ger)



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